Company Overview

Since its founding in 1910, Hitachi has responded to significant societal challenges based on our mission of “contributing to society through the development of superior, original technology and products.”

While the Hitachi of today has expanded well beyond the creation of the 5hp electric motor that was its first product, the company is still committed to delivering innovative solutions that combine products, services, and highly sophisticated IT. Finding answers to critical global challenges and developing solutions that create value for future generations are integral parts of Hitachi’s Mission. In 2013, Hitachi created a new Vision statement: “Hitachi delivers innovations that answer society’s challenges. With our talented team and proven experience in global markets, we can inspire the world.”

Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc., as the Regional Headquarters of the Hitachi Automotive Systems Group for Americas, is a Tier 1 supplier of world-class products to the global automotive market.

Hitachi Automotive manufactures and markets engine management, electric power train, drive control, and car information systems for major automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEM) worldwide.

We are an ISO/TS 16949-certified company. ISO/TS standards lead to high quality and reliable products for our customers and a network of communication that supports Hitachi Automotive’s Kaizen focused programs. Our leading-edge facilities use robots, CAD/CAM systems, and Hitachi’s independently developed process technologies to ensure maximum quality and efficiency in design, production, inspection, and the receiving and shipping of orders.

Through its Social Innovation Business, Hitachi wants to provide answers to serious global challenges. Hitachi hopes to provide total solutions for sustainable community life around the world. Among major global companies, Hitachi has differentiated itself from its competitors by having the expertise to build complex infrastructure systems and by having the capability to develop and supply the advanced IT needed to operate and maintain them.

Company Summary
Hitachi Astemo Americas, Inc.
Number of Employees
(859) 734-9451
955 Warwick Road
Harrodsburg, KY