Company Overview

Fromagination was founded in 2007 by owner and Creative Director Ken Monteleone, who believes that Wisconsin cheese, the Badger State’s cheese-making heritage, and its growing artisan food movement all deserve a showcase. Fromagination encourages guests to fully experience their food: See, smell and taste the cheese, and learn about how and where it is made. A proper visit to Fromagination should not only leave guests with a good taste in their mouths, but also with an appreciation for healthy, delicious Midwestern foods, and the people who produce them.

Over 12 years, the Fromagination shop has carried hundreds of cheeses from Wisconsin, the United States and other countries.  While the shop inventory is focused on Wisconsin products, Fromagination also often provides its guests with tastes of other outstanding cheeses from expert producers in places such as Vermont, Minnesota, California, Italy, France, England and the Netherlands.


Company Summary
Number of Employees
(608) 255-2430
12 South Carroll Street
Madison, WI