Company Overview

Who We Are

Corus International is a global family of changemakers that envisions a healthy world forever flourishing in dignity and justice.

Our mission is to urgently end poverty, suffering and injustice wherever they afflict humanity, with enduring passion, partnership and expertise.

We seek to end human suffering and injustice by working with the world’s most vulnerable people to break the cycle of poverty and lead healthy lives. In the world’s most difficult places, we invest in individuals, families, and communities to work together to find lasting solutions to the challenges they face. We take a holistic approach, seeing poverty, health, and the environment as inextricably intertwined.

Our long history of partnerships with local communities, businesses and governments enables us to use and affirm local knowledge to create enduring change. Learning from our experiences, we bring innovative approaches and expertise to make markets work for the poor and to promote health and abundant life for all. Committed to helping people achieve economic independence, we take a developmental approach to all of our work, including responses to humanitarian crises.

We seek always to restore and improve people’s lives by giving them the tools to feed their families, rebuild their communities and improve their health. We respond to the needs of others, regardless of race, religion, or nationality. We are driven by our core values of integrity, stewardship and organizational excellence and our desire to see a world in which everyone can live in dignity and peace.

What We Do

Poverty and health are intrinsically linked. An impoverished family can scarcely afford health care. A sick breadwinner may be unable to earn income. A country unable to invest in medical professionals, facilities, and resources will have weak health systems.

Corus is an ensemble of organizations working in concert to deliver the holistic, lasting solutions needed to overcome these interrelated challenges. Together with our local partners, we reduce poverty at the same time as improving communities’ health. We want those struggling today to enjoy a healthier, more prosperous tomorrow.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Corus International

As a values-driven organization working to eliminate poverty and suffering throughout the world, people are at the heart of Corus International. We recognize that racism, prejudice and intolerance are societal diseases that stand in the way of all of us reaching our full potential, as individuals and communities.

At Corus, we believe our unrelenting commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in our worldwide workplace will bring about:

  • thriving communities,
  • an inspiring reputation,
  • unequivocal trust with staff, stakeholders, and project participants, and
  • significant progress in social justice.

We know people are our greatest strength and we will continuously strive to be an organization that values people, respecting the individual experiences and unique talents of each employee, stakeholder and project participant. We also celebrate the harmony of the collective parts gathered under the Corus umbrella. We will continuously work to create a universal culture that embraces everyone while striving toward visible and significant progress in attaining universal social justice.

Just as our pursuit to eliminate poverty and suffering will never end, neither will our pursuit of diversity, equity and inclusion. Together, the people of Corus will exemplify what it means to love one another as neighbors.


We know that the more skilled we are, the more good we can do in the world.
When you work at Corus International, you join a global family of changemakers, who envision a healthy world forever flourishing in dignity and justice. You’ll use your expertise and passion to pursue lasting solutions to poverty and suffering.

Career and consultancy opportunities are available at a variety of locations worldwide.

Working at Corus International
At Corus we believe that good only grows stronger and we reflect that belief in our workplace culture. We promote an engaging and supportive work environment, where employees feel enabled and driven to innovate, learn and collaborate.

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