Company Overview

The Experts in Healthcare Linen and Medical Laundry

Let the experts get the job done! Founded in 1878 on principals of superb customer service and quality care, Angelica remains a leader in healthcare linen and medical laundry services because we are constantly adapting to our clients’ needs. Our innovative services and products tailor to every possible desire and concern our customers may have. As a core philosophy, we strive to help medical professionals enhance their level of care and improve patient satisfaction.

We assist hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities in meeting their economic, safety, sanitation, and patient satisfaction goals. Angelica provides a broad range of textile rental products and services, along with a comprehensive linen management service, each of which is specially catered to your requirements.

Angelica stands out amongst other medical linen service providers because of our extensive experience coupled with our advanced and innovative products and services. For decades, we have been extending quality medical linen services while constantly updating our resources to better serve you.

Company Summary
Angelica Textile Services, Inc
Number of Employees
500 or more
(678) 823-4165
701 Willow Pass Rd
Pittsburg, CA