Company Overview

Allentown LLC  is a leading global provider in Life Science solutions.  In over 50 years of operation, we are proud to have played our part in heroic research that continues to save lives around the world every day.  We earn the highest trust of the biomedical research community by providing critical services with integrity and care.

We provide research housing products, which include positive ventilation, positive/negative control housing, sealed negative ventilation, interchangeable plastic caging, and static rodent housing products.

The company also provides rack blowers; tower blowers; airflow solutions for the laboratory animal science industry; WiVarium Plus that allows users to monitor the parameters and conditions necessary for the maintenance of the facility; Wi-Com Sensus, which streamlines and automates the censes taking process using cardholders that are imbedded with RFID tags; Wi-Com Vantage for the biomedical research industry; and Sentinel, a colony protection solution for health monitoring. In addition, it offers workstations that include bedding disposal stations, safety cabinets, and free flow bedding dispensers; large animal housing, which include primates, rabbit/ferret, guinea pig, canine, and poultry housings; and plastic feeder trays, material handling carts, card holders, water bottles, and enrichment products.

Further, the company provides design and support services. It serves its customers in the Americas, Asia/Pacific, Europe, the Middle East/Africa, and internationally. 

Company Summary
Allentown LLC
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