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Advanced Cast Products is a ductile iron foundry with a programmed Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) heat treating line, and an up-to-date CNC machine shop, all at the same location. For many applications, we can complete the entire production process in-house, including: casting, machining, austempering, shot peening, protective coating, and assembling. We also provide design engineering technical support. Our primary markets are heavy truck, construction equipment, railroad and mining parts.

Although we cast most grades of ductile iron, since 1983 one of our areas of expertise has been Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI). ADI is a range of heat treated ductile cast irons with high strength, excellent toughness, good fatigue properties, and superior wear characteristics. If strength is a consideration, ADI is one of the most cost-effective materials. Its tensile and yield strengths are at least twice that of standard ductile irons, making ADI a good replacement for structural steels, particularly forgings, and materials that are used in wear applications.

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Advanced Cast Products

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Advanced Cast Products
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