Company Overview
1901 Group is a trusted provider of IT services for the public and private sector.

Our Business Model
Our unique IT-as-a-service business model allows organizations to consume IT services in a transparent, high quality, and cost-effective manner. Organizations typically reduce IT infrastructure costs by 30-50% while increasing IT service performance when they utilize our model.

Our Name
In 1901, Ransom E. Olds created a unique assembly line for his factory. This assembly line leveraged skills and materials in an efficient manner within a disciplined, repeatable process that quadrupled output. We believe this assembly line concept applies to IT services today. Reflecting on Olds’ innovation in 1901, we proudly named our business 1901 Group and have designed our service operations centers, or “IT Factories”, to deliver much needed gains in IT infrastructure performance and situational awareness at a substantial economic value.
Company Summary
1901 Group
Number of Employees
(703) 773-6240
11955 Freedom Drive
Reston, VA